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New energy vehicle industry development Quality is the key OMG focuses on high-quality products

Date:2016-03-11 09:31:41

In the past two years, the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market has "fired" the development of related industrial chains. Guangdong OMG Conduction Technology Co., Ltd., which began research and development of "new energy vehicle meridians"-wire and cable in 2009, has ushered in a period of rapid growth in the performance of the new energy sector.

       OMG Chairman Liu Zhong said in an interview with the First Electric Network reporter on April 15 that the company seeks to transform into the field of new energy vehicles, and its product range will also be expanded from cables to conductive technology integration solutions and charging piles. It is expected that the sales of transmission products of new energy vehicles will double this year, realizing revenue of 70 million.


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