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POD POINT charging pile

Date:2021/1/12 11:07:37

Pod Point is a leading supplier of charging infrastructure in the UK, headquartered in London, England. It provides charging devices for home, business, and public use. Since its establishment in 2009, Pod Point has manufactured and sold more than 40,000 charging points and developed one of the largest public networks in the UK, connecting electric car drivers with hundreds of charging stations across the country, which are located in Sainz Bury and Southern Railway.
Pod Point operates an open toll collection network designed to provide a toll point for drivers wherever they park. The Open Charge network can be accessed through the Pod Point smartphone app.
In February 2020, EDF Energy acquired Pod Point through a new joint venture with Legal and General Capital.
EDF Energy is a British integrated energy company whose business scope covers power generation and the sale of natural gas and electricity to households and businesses throughout the UK.

POD POINT charging pile