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Hand in Hand for Ten Years to Work Together to Create a Future

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In the past ten years, the Olympic Games have been successfully held. Chang'e 1 has successfully stepped on the moon, and the two children have been fully open. The first domestic aircraft carrier has been launched successfully. The construction of the "one belt and one road" is only a brief moment in the long river for the country. For OMG, it has been a staggering start and a decade of hard development. The research and development of new energy automotive cables, the qualification certification of the automotive industry, the completion of the joint stock reform, the entry into the new third board market, the entry into the international market, and the establishment of subsidiaries.

Ten years ago, there were such a group of people who entered Omeg with hope, from young vigor to mature and stable. They also completed important life events in this big family, married and had children, realized the value of life, witnessed the splendor of OMG in the past ten years, and painted a brilliant picture in OMG vision.

OMG Ten-Year Service Star: Wei Ling and Feng Xianzeu

Ten Years of Service Star

Wei Ling

Time flies. March 12, 2008, formally became a member of "Dongguan Haotong Wire and Cable Co., Ltd" (the predecessor of OMG). For ten years, it has been neither long nor short. In the past ten years, I have witnessed the development of the company from a broken small factory to a high-rise building. At the same time, the company has witnessed my growth. I am a member of the Finance Department. The company has trained me from a piece of white paper to a small success. Together with the company, it has passed the reform of non-tradable shares and the new third board market. I also changed from a young girl to a young woman. For the past ten years, my life has been dominated by the company. I have set up my own small family in Guangdong. Without the support of family members and the help of leaders, all this can not be achieved. In the future, I will combine some of the government's policies to create more benefits for the company and make the company more valuable. At the same time, I hope OMG will get better development and more support in the future capital development.

I hope we can stay together for another ten or twenty years and go farther and farther together. We look forward to more people joining this 10-year service star.

——Liu Zhong, Chairman of OMG