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[OMG Encyclopedia] Analysis of the Phenomenon of Extrusion of Wire and Cable

Date:2018-05-15 15:12:28   Popularity:

Knots usually refer to small lumps formed on the skin or muscles. For food, it is inevitable to think of knots. When wires and cables are extruded, there may also be knots, that is, small knots attached to the surface of wires and cables. The following is a brief analysis of this phenomenon:

1. The emergence of "knots":

(1) The knots formed during the plasticizing process of the resin have small crystalline points and particles on the surface of the plastic layer, which are distributed around the surface of the plastic layer.

(2) The knots produced by scorching have scorched substances on the surface of the plastic layer, especially on the surface of the glue seam.

(3) Impurity lumps, impurities on the surface of plastics, and impurities in the lumps of slices.

(4) Plastic lumps caused by poor plasticization were found to be cooked glue in the lumps after slicing.

2. The birth of "keloid":
(1) Because of the low temperature control, the plastic was extruded from the die before it was plasticized.

(2) Plastics are of poor quality, and there are resins that are difficult to plasticize. These resins are extruded without full plasticization.

(3) When feeding, some impurities are added to the hopper, resulting in impurity lumps.

(4) Super high temperature control results in scorching, which results in scorching lumps.

(5) There is no pressing on the die cap, aging and deterioration after gluing, and burning lumps appear.

(6) Poor environmental hygiene, dust, thread head and so on into the rubber interior.

3. The disappearance of "knots":

(1) The knots caused by plastics themselves should be properly heated.

(2) When feeding, check strictly whether plastic has impurities. When feeding, don't add other impurities into hopper. When finding impurities, clean the machine head immediately and run away the glue stored in screw.

(3) If it is found that the temperature is too high, the temperature should be lowered appropriately immediately. If the effect is not good, the machine head and screw should be cleaned immediately, and the scorch should be eliminated.

(4) When resin and plasticized pimples occur, the temperature should be adjusted properly or the traction speed should be reduced.

We have an unavoidable responsibility for the emergence of "knots". We will strictly control the production line, control raw materials, strictly produce, find problems and timely investigation, so as to form a standardized production. The value created for customers should be handed over to you in every way.