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Single Test Report of OMG Cable

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Single Test Report of OMG Cable



  1. Test purpose

  2. Test object
  3. Test contents

  4. Conclusion

1Test purpose

Testing the capability of OMG cable

2Test object

OMG cable

3Test contents

Tensile and elongation



Tensile and elongation ratio are the most acceptable pulling force of the test object. The above is the comparison between pre-test (left) and post-test (right), and the elongation is almost 1.5 times as much as the original.

Tear resistance


The tear resistance refers to the tear resistance of the incision in the presence of an incision. According to the operation of the experimenter, the result is 20N/mm(about two kilograms per square millimeter)

Hot deformation 150℃*1H

Thermal deformation is to place the cable at 150 C for an hour, observe the depth of indentation, indentation where there is no rupture, indentation ratio is less than 50%.

Heating 150℃*1H

Thermal shock means that due to rapid heating or cooling, a large number of heat exchanges occur in a relatively short period of time. When the temperature changes dramatically, the object will produce thermal shock stress. It can be seen that the cable has not changed after the test (figure below).

Volumetric resistance

Volumetric resistance is also called volume resistance coefficient or volume specific resistance.

Withstand voltage

Maximum Voltage Strength of OMG Cable, 6KV/15min


Thermal elongation:200℃*15min

The elongation of the cable after heating (under tension) mainly examines the crosslinking degree of polyethylene, and the higher the crosslinking degree, the smaller the thermal extension. The specific extension can be seen from the figure above.



Burn the cable in the open fire, and the open fire will be extinguished immediately.


High temperature pressure


Under the condition of 150 * 4 hours, the lifting weight is 600 g, and only one fine indentation is seen. No cable is broken. The indentation ratio is less than 50%.


Heat shrinkage:150*15min

 Thermal shrinkage is a volume change of thermoplastic material due to its inherent thermal expansion rate. There is no significant change between the above (before) and the following (after) figures.


Low temperature winding:-40*4H 

 Low temperature winding: Examine and measure the performance of circular cable or circular insulating core at low temperature. There is no fission in the outer coating, and even at very low temperatures, the toughness is still good.


Long-term high temperature aging test:150*3000H


For 3000 hours at 150 degrees Celsius, the long-term aging is only the external deformation, no cracks.


Short term aging 175*240H



After 240 hours at 175 C, there was no change in cables at short-term high temperatures.


Thermal overload200℃*6H


At 200 C, the cable overloaded for 6 hours. As can be seen from the following figure (after the test), the cable has not changed.


Through the above tests, OMG cable is very stable in various environments, and the use effect of the cable has not changed significantly. Cables can withstand the use of various environments.

OMG has its own R&D team. The team members are all from the top talents in the industry. It independently develops and improves the high performance cable production line, which greatly improves the cost performance of the products and is in the leading position in the industry in technology. In early 2010, the new energy R&D team was established to devote itself to the development of new energy automotive conductive products. At this stage, new energy automobile high-voltage lines and charging lines have made technological breakthroughs, reaching the production level in early 2013. At present, the company focuses on building new energy product line chain, with the development of new energy products, complete the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and make contributions to the development of China's new economy.

Professional service enables us to closely connect with customers, from cable manufacturing to automotive conduction product solutions, OMG creates value for customers in continuous innovation. Under the guidance of the company's strategy, the company will focus on brand building, market development, product research and development, business model innovation and transformation in the future, providing a business platform for partners to grow together, win-win and sustainable development.