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Promoting and Implementing OMG Year of Professional Dedication in an All-round Way

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  In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture and improve the ability to perform their duties and responsibilities, OMG conducts the work of "loving and dedicating to their jobs" to create a new carrier of activities and work content for company cadres and staff at the beginning of the new year, to encourage them to work in a better mental state and a more pragmatic style of work, and to strive to accomplish their objectives and tasks, so as to become a recipient in the field of new energy electric vehicles. Respect for international enterprises.


Explain the keywords of "Year of Professional Dedication":

Interpretation 1: Data (Data is the most convincing)

True data operation means that before making every decision, enterprises need to analyze relevant data, and let these data conclusions guide the direction of the company's development, judge trends, so as to launch effective actions to help themselves find problems and promote innovation or solutions.



The Trend of OMG Product Proportion

Interpretation 2: Tamping the Foundation

We should take key measures to lay a solid foundation and be fully prepared to do things well and achieve good results.

Interpretation 3: Implementation (Emphasizing Practice, Emphasizing Implementation)

Implementation is a kind of will. In the process of implementation, there will be various problems, contradictions and difficulties. We must set goals, firm beliefs and persevere.

Interpretation 4: Major (Concentration Professional)

Because of concentration, so focused; because of concentration, so professional. Professionalism can create higher value and bring high returns. People's energy is limited, once the goal is set, we must concentrate on learning, research, so that we can play a better role in a certain field.

Interpretation 5: Focus

A dedicated person can always concentrate his time, energy and wisdom on what he wants to do, so as to maximize his enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, strive to achieve his goals and complete his plans, and embark on the road to success.

Interpretation 6: Details (details determine success or failure)

Only by attaching great importance to all kinds of details in management and being careful, meticulous and delicate in line with professional spirit, can garbage in work be avoided and the healthy development of enterprises be promoted.

Interpretation 7:Basics

Firm roots can breed towering trees, and abundant water can keep rivers flowing. Similarly, with a solid foundation, success will get closer and closer. Data, consolidation, implementation, specialty, focus, detail and foundation are the seven key words in Omega's conduction of the Year of Professionalism. The meaning of "year of dedication" is to use data to guide the direction of development and to judge trends, and to promote innovation and solutions. According to the new solutions, key measures should be taken to put the relevant work in place, and carry out the work with professionalism, focus and attention to details, so as to lay a solid foundation for all the work, so as to achieve the goals and plans of OMG. "Year of Work Attention", everyone is dedicated, everyone loves their jobs, OMG will move faster and more powerful towards becoming a respected international enterprise.