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DC charging pile cable

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DC charging pile cable

 Charging pile cables are a direction for the development of new energy cables. Governments are actively developing electric vehicles to improve the worsening urban air quality. In the long run, replacing electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles with traditional power vehicles is an inevitable trend. The market for matching charging system cables is enormous.

According to the charging method of electric vehicles, charging piles can be divided into two categories: AC charging piles and DC charging piles. The following mainly introduces the DC charging pile cable. The DC charging pile is mainly installed in a large charging station and connected to the power grid in a three-phase four-wire system. It can provide sufficient power and has a large adjustment range of output voltage and current, commonly known as fast charging.

The fast charging and charging time is short, and the high-power off-board DC charger directly outputs DC to charge the vehicle battery. The fast-pumping power in the market ranges from 30 kw to over 100kw, and the general charging ranges from ten minutes to two hours. In the fast charging process, the off-board charger and the electric vehicle have experienced the handshake phase, the configuration phase, and the charging phase. Fast charging puts forward higher requirements for safety, battery life infrastructure, operation and maintenance.

Ogilvy focuses on independent research and development of wire and cable for more than 20 years. Since 2006, it has been paying attention to the field of new energy transmission. After a long period of accumulation and research, Omega has actively led and participated in the high-voltage line and charging line "Electric Vehicle Charging Cable" GB/ T standard; "Electric Vehicle AC 1.5kv High Voltage Flexible Cable" compilation of local standards in Guangdong, and will continue to promote the standardization process of new energy vehicle transmission products, and promote the internationalization of new energy vehicle transmission industry. Omega has advanced production equipment and strong technical force, and has received guidance and support from many scientific research units and relevant experts. The product quality has reached the domestic advanced level and has obtained the product quality inspection certificate. The products are sold at home and abroad. By the majority of users alike.

Ogilvy is a company with dreams. It has become a "respected international company" in the field of new energy electric vehicles. It is Ogilvy's unwavering belief!