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The difference between new energy car cable and traditional car cable

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The difference between new energy car cable and traditional car cable

The times are developing, people's living standards are improving, and people are traveling more and more. At present, the more common means of transportation used by people is the car. With the widespread application of automobiles, the damage caused to the environment is increasing, so that the requirements for the tools used are getting higher and higher. In the process of using traditional fuel vehicles, a large amount of exhaust gas will be discharged, causing environmental pollution. It will also increase the scarcity of non-renewable resources. Therefore, the application of new energy vehicles is to use the products of the times and market demand, and the level of parts required for the corresponding vehicles will also increase. New energy vehicle cables, as an important part of the vehicle system, are essential for their research and development. New energy vehicle cables are special cables, and the technical level is relatively high.

Cables for new energy vehicles differ greatly from other cables. The detection is also very different. For example, some cables need to be tested for their bending resistance. Some components need to be considered for corrosion resistance because they contain chemical liquids close to the battery. The parts close to the motor need to be tested for shielding ability to ensure various signals inside the car. Transmission is not disturbed, and cable requirements on traditional cars are often not as high.

Because of the high voltage and high current in the new energy vehicle and limited space, the charging pile cable is exposed to the outside for a long time, and the particularity of the use environment puts very strict requirements on the performance of the cable material. New energy automotive cables need to have high temperature resistance, oil and water resistance, flame retardancy, tear resistance, insulation, and UV aging resistance.

The ultra-high current and voltage of electric vehicles will cause a large electromagnetic induction phenomenon during operation. If the electromagnetic shielding problem is not solved well, it will inevitably affect the performance of automotive electronic equipment. Therefore, the choice of shielded conductors as the high-voltage line of electric vehicles is for electromagnetic shielding. A good choice. High voltage and high current, in addition to its own high voltage has strict requirements on insulation performance, the high temperature caused by high current is also a must to consider.

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