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OMG 2018 Eleventh Shenzhen International Charging Station (Pile) Technology and Equipment Exhibition Completed Successfully

Date:2018-06-22 15:54:31   Popularity:

OMG Electric Vehicle High Voltage Wire, Charging Pile Cable and other exhibitions, the product quality has been widely praised, while the cable exhibition also attracted the attention of the same industry enterprises. OMG is committed to the new energy electric vehicle industry. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Since 2009, it has invested a lot of resources in the independent research and development of new energy products. It is the leader of the new energy electric vehicle conductive products industry.

At the Golden Pile Award Ceremony held in this exhibition, OMG won the title of "Excellent Brand Cable Enterprise of 2018". We are sincerely proud of this, which is the result of our joint efforts. Since OMG entered this industry in 2009, every perseverance and every effort will be doubled, and we will continue to strive to become a respected international enterprise in the field of new energy.