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OMG Team Building Enterprise's Real Core Competence

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Team building has always been the top priority of OMG's development. To continuously improve the efficiency of team building and build an efficient team is the real core competitiveness of OMG.


Summary of Team Building

Team refers to a formal group of individuals who cooperate with each other in order to achieve a certain goal. It is a community composed of employees and management, which makes rational use of each member's knowledge and skills to work together to solve problems and achieve common goals.

Team building is a planned and purposeful organization of a team in the management of an enterprise, and the activities of training, summarizing and improving its members.


1. The Method and Skills of Team Building Team building is the fundamental guarantee of career development. Team operation is the summary of the long-term practice of the industry. So far, no one has succeeded outside the team. Team development depends on team building. Team building should be carried out from the following aspects: 1. Establishing Core Layer The focus of team building is to train the core members of the team. As the saying goes, "one hero, three gangs". Leaders are team builders. They should form the core layer of the team by forming think tanks or executive teams, give full play to the role of core members, make the goals of the team into action plans, and make the team's performance grow rapidly. Team members at the core level should possess the basic qualities and abilities of leaders. They should not only know the planning of team development, but also participate in the formulation and implementation of team goals, so that team members can not only understand the direction of team development, but also keep in line with the direction of team development in action. All of us are united in one mind, connecting the preceding with the following, thinking and working hard together. 2. Setting Team Goals Team goals come from the direction of the company's development and the common pursuit of team members. It is the direction and motivation for all members to strive for, and also a banner to inspire all members to cooperate sincerely. When setting team goals, core members need to clarify the actual situation of the team, such as: what stage is the team in development? Is it the stage of formation, the stage of ascension, or the stage of stabilization? What shortcomings do team members have, what help do they need, and how will they fight? Wait. When setting goals, we should follow the SMART principles of goals: S - clarity, M - measurability, A - acceptability, R - practicality, T - time limit. 3. Training Team Elite The work of training elites is a very important link in team building. Establishing a well-trained sales team can bring many benefits to the team: improving personal ability, improving overall quality, improving service quality, and stabilizing sales performance. A team without an elite is like a tree without a foundation, an untrained team is like a scattered soldier wandering bravely, it is difficult to maintain long-term prosperity. The focus of training team elites is: Establishing a learning organization: Let everyone realize the importance of learning, make every effort to create learning opportunities for them, provide learning venues, praise the people who have made rapid progress in learning, and create learning atmosphere through one-to-one communication, seminars, training courses and working together, so that team members can become elites in learning and replication. Build a growth platform: The generation and growth of team elites are directly related to their platform. A good platform can create a good growth environment and provide more opportunities to exercise and display their talents. 4. Fostering Team Spirit Teamwork refers to the willingness and style of work of team members in order to achieve the interests and objectives of the team. It includes team cohesion, sense of cooperation and morale. Teamwork emphasizes the close cooperation of team members. To cultivate this spirit, leaders should first set an example and be a model with strong team spirit; secondly, strengthen the concept education of team spirit in team training; and most importantly, put this concept into practice in team work. It is difficult for a person without team spirit to be a real leader. A team without team spirit can not stand the test. Team spirit is the soul of excellent team and the characteristics of successful team. 5. Do a good job of team motivation Sales is a kind of behavior dealing with rejection. Team building is a work that is easy to conflict with other people's ideas. Direct selling is a business that requires a certain amount of time to persevere in order to achieve. Everyone should do all this well. The biggest challenge he faces is himself. Therefore, every team member needs to be motivated. Leader's motivation work is good or bad, which directly affects it. Team morale ultimately affects team development. Motivation means to satisfy the needs and aspirations of team members through certain means, so as to mobilize their enthusiasm and make them actively and spontaneously develop their potential, so as to ensure the realization of the established goals. The management characteristics of direct marketing are that incentives are used instead of orders, and the ways of incentives are various: setting an example, training, praise, awards, tourism, parties, celebrations, etc. The team's comprehensive competitiveness comes from the rational allocation of team members'expertise. Only by creating an appropriate atmosphere: constantly encouraging and stimulating team members to fully display themselves, maximizing individual potential, the team will burst out like atomic fission energy.


2 Four Characteristics of Successful Teams 1. Cohesion Sun Yat-sen and Mao Zedong, who have achieved great success, have one thing in common: they can connect the hearts of millions of people, which is a very unique ability. We follow a leader in the hope that he can create an environment, combined with the strength of all, to create a future! It is this cohesion that creates human history. Imagine if team members stay away from you and even give up pursuing their careers because your words and deeds disappoint them. Would you still succeed? 2. Cooperation The sea is made up of countless water droplets, and everyone is a team droplet. In the 21st century, individuals can't compete with teams. Individual success is temporary, while team success is permanent. The success of a direct selling team depends on the cooperation and cooperation of each member of the team. Like playing basketball, no matter how strong a person is, he can't win without the cooperation of his teammates. Five people are a group in the game, some people shoot, some people grab rebounds, some people make tactical fouls, the purpose of which is to achieve the goal of the team. 3. Organizational egolessness Business is a team business, a collective business, and individual strength is limited. Success depends on the team to promote, each member must understand that the interests of the team, team goals are more important than personal interests and goals. If everyone in the team only wants to take care of their own interests, the organization will collapse, the team is gone, and the personal goals will naturally not be achieved. Since it is team action, we should obey the leader's arrangement. Everything becomes very easy. This is called organizational egolessness. The goal of the team is to achieve by this spirit of organizational egolessness. 4, morale A team without morale lacks attraction, cohesion and fighting power, while a team with strong morale is invincible in any environment and in any difficulty. Liu Deng's army marched into the Central Plains and the narrow road met the brave to win, which is the best proof. It is this morale that makes impossibility possible, and the war of liberation has opened a new page. Direct sales team should be a team full of morale and forward.