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OMG 2016 Whampoa Military Academy Outward Bound Training Closed Perfectly

Date:2016-05-03 15:57:52   Popularity:

The two-day OMG Outward Bound Training of Whampoa Military Academy from April 29 to 30, 2016 ended perfectly. Summarize our training with "Joint efforts to win, team brilliance".

Jump out of the true self, base treasure hunting, 100 meters across, seven-piece board, walking life path, spider web... These are the outward bound training programs that accompany us for two days. There are hundreds of push-ups. Some of them are injured, others cry, and few people say they are not tired. Apart from these, what do we gain more?

This kind of Outward Bound training enables us to re-understand what is a team, what is team cooperation, and the importance of implementation in the team. Almost all of the projects were not carried out smoothly from the beginning, and almost all of them were destroyed by the whole army. Because whenever there is a problem, one usually thinks of someone to solve it. Usually one's strength is very limited. Teams are absolutely more powerful than individuals. Team cooperation often requires a unified goal, brainstorming, formulating the best plan, rational division of labor and cooperation, and according to the plan quickly and accurately. In cooperation, we deeply feel that every team member is very important.

The two-day outward bound training is over. At the summary meeting, we gave thankful, sincere and warm applause to our teammates who dared to sacrifice for the collective interests, to every team member who made serious efforts and to Omega Company. Considering the future work, I think of the following points:

First, a clear goal is the prerequisite for success, that is, to define what to do. When a coach assigns tasks, he must first know what to do, what to do and what not to do. In the work, when receiving a task, we must know what to do, and then we can take this as the goal to grasp the direction of work, targeted, in order to avoid detours.

Second, the right way is to succeed, that is, to make clear how to do it. In the process of completing the extended project, only when the correct method is found, the project can be carried on. Correct and feasible methods and schemes will play an important role in defining direction, standardizing behavior, guiding practice and accomplishing tasks. The correct method can make our work achieve twice the result with half the effort, and vice versa.

3. Strict discipline is the guarantee of success. In the outward bound training project, the coach asks us to obey discipline and not speak. At the beginning, people do not think so. The task is often impossible. When everyone consciously calms down, the task can be carried out quickly. The same is true in the work. If a team member acts in his own way, it will be scattered sand, and the work will not be completed smoothly.

4. Team strength is the foundation of success. Unity is strength when people are united and Mount Tai is moved. No team without cohesion can succeed. Without teamwork, all training projects cannot be completed. In the work, the completion of a task depends on the full cooperation of each department and member. If problems occur in any link, the success of the whole team will be affected.

The strength of the team is great and immeasurable. I am proud of such a group. I believe that through this outreach training, we will unite and work together in the future to make our team stronger and stronger.