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CQC AC EV charging cables

Electric vehicle charging cable is the cable specially used for connecting the electric vehicle power charging equipment to charging infrastructure, where there are a certain number of signal wires, control wires and Auxiliary wires in order to ensure the whole charging progress being controlled accurately and operated safely, 

The charging cables are generally used in the charging station, parking, hotel, residential, garage and other places, the portable charging cable can be placed in the vehicle.

The cable is flexible, feels good and very soft., the minimum bending radius reach to 5 times of cable diameter; resistance to oil, acid and alkali, water-proof, wear and crushing resistant, anti-cracking, anti-UV, color stability; efficient flame retardant; good bending performance of more than 50000 times; all the materials comply with the latest environmental standard of RoHS & REACH.



Rated temperature:                        -40℃~105

Rated Voltage:                               AC 450/750V

Insulation Resistance:                    ≥0.037MΩ.km at 60 Comply with CQC1103-215

Flame Test:                                    VW-1 Test method Comply with UL 2556

Min. Bending Radius:                     5*OD

Dielectric Voltage:                        2.5kVac/15min. No Breakdown

Cold Bending:                                -40/16h No cracks

Hot Shock:                                     150/1h No cracks

Oil Resistance:                               IRM902,IRM903,Gasoline  20h OD Variation15% No Cracks

Vehicle driver over:                       5kN, 8Km/h, 220KPa, No Breakdown

Resistance to Acid and alkali:        168h,Tensile Strength Variation 30%;Elongation100%

Environmental Requirements:        Compliant with RoHS and REACH standard


Reference Standard:                         CQC 1103-2015(General requirements)

                                                          CQC 1104-2015(AC charging cable)



The above products, specification, dimension and structure maybe changed due to technical update. The types and specs could be customized by the request of clients.

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