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Double-deck EV Cable

Double insulation cable

EV High voltage  cables, as the carrier of power transmission,  are  used to connect  the battery with the charging part ,motor or internal link and other components, The high voltage cables have a very high performance Because of the harsh environment inside the Electric Vehicle.

OMG has issued company standard about  EV high-voltage  cables for internal use. and currently  OMG is working tightly with CQC,TICW and other agencies to develop the standard of EV high-voltage cables  

OMG products has the following characteristics:

The cable is very soft, and the minimum bending radius reach to 5 times of cable diameter; Resistance to high and low temperature, oil, acid and alkali , water,  cracking, and  UV; good performance of flame retardant; The conductor has good conductivity and a small temperature rise   all materials comply with the latest standard of RoHS and REACH

Reference standard: Q/OMG5-2015 QC/T 1037-2016



The above products, specification, dimension and structure maybe changed due to technical update. The types and specs could be customized by the request of clients.

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